About SpinX

Reach your audience

Access 100M cross channel ad impressions daily from 50M high quality users and maintain quality KPI’s at scale.

High Performance Traffic

Reach a targeted and engaged audience that delivers over 30,000 conversions / leads daily for our current advertisers.

Ad Awareness

Feel reassured knowing we have safe guard mechanisms in place to protect you from fraud and bot traffic.

Optimization Algorithm

It makes no difference whether you’re trying to drive installs on CPI or trying to acquire new users on CPL; everyone wants better performance.

High Impact Ad Units

Formats include full screen Site-unders, Interstitials, Overlays, Push ads, and Floating / Sticky banners. All ad units are designed for the best user engagement.

24/7 Support

Our great support is what has made it possible to run thousands of campaigns, each exceeding client expectation!

What we Do

Data-Driven Mobile Advertising for Android and iOS . . .

With access to near limitless scale and the industry’s most advanced tools, spinx is truly the ultimate mobile advertising platform.

Our self-serve advertising platform enables clients to purchase inventory from the spinx mobile ad network and all major mobile RTB exchanges using a single, world class interface. Clients can easily create and manage mobile ad campaigns across both Android and iOS, access incredibly detailed analytics, and optimize campaigns using our revolutionary Optimizer tool (patent pending).

In-App Banners

In-App Banner Ads are a staple of mobile advertising and combined with spinx’s advanced ad types, enable advertisers to reach consumers at virtually every stage of their mobile lives.

Abstract Banners

Abstract Banners are new and exciting creative formats that let your message expand into full-motion transparent overlays over content.

Push Notifications

We offer three different types of Push Ads, all of which are fully opt-in for higher engagement. Living outside the app, push ads are available to engage when the user chooses.

Appwall Offers

AppWall Ads are displayed at natural breaks in an app session and display a variety of offers that self-optimize for maximum performance. AppWall ads can deliver rich media such as video and app downloads.

Advanced Overlay

Overlay Ads enable advertisers to drive unique engagement by presenting highly relevant offers directly inside the app - via unique overlays on top of app content.

Video Ads

Video Ads are optimized for device type and connection speed, enabling dramatically higher conversions and an improved consumer experience.

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