As a marketer, one of your key objectives is to find ways to boost sales and grow your brand. One avenue you may want to explore is brand collaborations and partnerships with key influencers in your niche.

But, how do you identify successful brand collaboration for your product? What are the best ways to approach them? These are some key questions that come up when entrepreneurs think about successful brand collaborations.

In this blog post, we’ll share 5 of the best apps you can use to find potential brand ambassadors in 2023. These apps will expose your services and products to your target audience, creating the next wave of iconic brand collaborations in the market. As performance marketers, we’ll also provide tips on getting the most out of your brand partnerships, so you’ll get views, awareness, and sales.

So if you’re looking for new ways to grow your brand with influence marketing (or even cross-brand collaborations), you’re in the right place.

What is a brand collaboration?

Brand collaborations have become increasingly important in the world of marketing. Working with key influencers in your niche can expose your brand to a new audience and boost sales. This marketing process has been termed “brand collaboration.”

Brand collaborations can significantly impact both your existing and new audiences. You can expose your brand to a new audience and boost sales by working with key influencers. Your existing customers might be more drawn since you have partnered with their favorite social media stars.

When the same audience keeps seeing the same content, they might get frustrated or bored. Thus, this technique makes so much sense when looked at from the “high-quality content” point of view.

When done correctly, brand collaborations can be an extremely effective way to grow your business. Not only will you reach new audiences, but you may also see a boost in sales due to the collaboration.

However, it’s essential to take the time to plan and execute correctly if you want to achieve the best results. There are plenty of factors to getting this marketing aspect right. Factors like choosing the right ambassador, establishing clear goals, setting pragmatic expectations from the brand collaborations and measuring the impact on the target market, are all critical when you want to establish a partnership.

What are some examples of brand collaborations?

Many organizations have already taken advantage of collaboration marketing and beaten other brands in their niches. A great example of this technique is Coca-Cola. Aiming to brand awareness, they have partnered with various influencers in multiple countries, whether it be in sports, music, art, or other niches. They improve their engagement rate by accessing a wider audience due to regular access to all types of markets.

Other great examples of brand collaborations are found in various fast food chains like Taco Bell, Burger King, and McDonald’s, which often venture out of their market space to find brand partners. Burger king, for example, has ventured into the sports market, cryptocurrency market, and various other spaces to find potential partners and like-minded brands. They have been relatively successful in converting those audiences into potential customers in the future by improving their engagement rates.

What is the point of brand collaborations?

Brand collaborations are when two brands partner together to help promote each other. This can be done in many different ways, such as by working together to make videos or having one company help the other with advertising (this is usually where social media influencers come in). Brand collaborations (or brand partnerships) can help expose a company to new audiences and might also lead to more sales.

Influencers and cross-brand collaborations are also a subset of this term. Influencers and brands might make videos together or help advertise each other. This can be a good way to reach new audiences and increase sales in the short and long term.

The five best apps for your brand collaboration:

Finding the best brand partnership is tricky. You can research social media platforms, reach out to recommended brands and influencers, or select someone on a whim. You are likely to find that this would be an inefficient marketing strategy.

Through this article, you can learn the fastest ways to participate in brand collaboration and get those engagement rates flying, as we will list the best brand collaboration apps out there. These apps are often used as a marketplace for brands and influencers to match up and partner on a marketing campaign with mutual values and KPIs they agree on.

Brand collaboration apps can be used in various ways, depending on the goals of the companies involved. Some common uses include creating cross-brand engaging videos, mentioning each other on social media, and partnering up for events or contests. Brand collaboration apps make it extremely efficient for brands way to reach new audiences and boost sales through influencers.


The brand collaboration app Collabor8 is an excellent way for companies to find potential partners and create videos together. The app has various brands and influencers from various niches to choose from, making it easy to find the right partner for your company.

The app makes it equally easy for influencers to find brands and vice versa. The main reason we are mentioning this app first on our list, is that it doesn’t discriminate between influencers offering more perks. It has ambassadors with all types and sizes of audiences, and knows that sometimes mico-influencers with ultra-targeted nices can prove more efficient in performance marketing.

However, depending on your brands goal, Collabor8 can help you reach all types of audiences in your partnerships, from micro-influencers to mega superstars.

Another reason behind attaining great brand collaborations with Collabor8 is its paying scheme. It has a trial version for both influencers and brands, so you get the chance to see if this app is a good fit before deciding on paying for it and unlocking all of its features.

You can delve deeper into the conversation with an influencer when they suggest their rates. Well, that’s the most lucrative benefit of this app; you directly communicate with the influencer. You do not have to go through a middleman like some of the other apps out there.

You can discuss prices, the type of content creation you want, and how the content creator can align with the brand’s voice. You can also discuss your target stores, market share, customer base, among others, directly with the collaborator. It is a win-win situation for all parties involved.


  1. Direct Communication

  2. Free trial version

  3. All types of brands and influencers from different industries


  1. Sometimes the reply rate from influencers is low

Visit the official website of Collabor8 now and see the magic for yourself. Download now on Apple or Android store.


ExpertVoice is another excellent brand collaborations app. It works differently from Collabor8 but has the same structure regarding free trials and payments.

ExpertVoice allows brands to collaborate with influencers known for reviewing and recommending products. This app is perfect for creating hype amongst the social media community for a new product launch.

Influencers who sign up can get products to review at a 60% discount from the market price since they decide to create content to promote them. Creating honest content is mutually beneficial for the brand, the influencer, their customer base, and underserved communities, who are often led to false choices.

On top of all of these benefits, the app is also extremely user-friendly. Both parties find it easy to use, and smaller brands with less technical expertise or newer influencers can get up to speed quickly.


  1. Free trial scheme

  2. Influencers get cheaper products

  3. Brands get to generate authentic hype

  4. User-friendly interface


  1. The mobile app may lag or slow down at times

Download the app by visiting their official website or app stores.


Indahash is an international brand collaboration influencer marketing platform with specific requirements for signing up. These requirements can sometimes restrict the type of influencers brands want; small-time companies usually find it hard to use this app.

Some of the requirements for signing up as an influencer are:

  1. You must have a minimum of 1000 followers on at least one social media platform

  2. You must be over the age of 18

  3. You must reside in a country where Indahash operates

Various other content-specific requirements must also be fulfilled before you are allowed to sign up here.

If you meet these requirements, you can visit the website and sign up now.

However, if you are a company looking for high-quality freelancers with high engagement rates, this platform is perfect for increased sales and a higher product usage rate.

The content produced, and payment scheme on this website is fully automated. It uses the cost-per-impression technique to pay influencers, so if you aim at brand awareness and not so much at performance, this app is the choice for you.


  1. High-quality influencers with authentic audiences

  2. Fully automated and easy to operate


  1. Limited influencer library

  2. Brands have lesser control over the campaign

Get down to business and download Indahash now!


If you are looking for an app that connects you with various influencers, then Influenster is a perfect choice. This app has a wide range of ambassafors from different backgrounds, which makes it perfect for brands looking to collaborate with multiple people.

In fact, Influenster is the platform that generates the most reviews for products after Amazon.

It has a unique model that has not been discussed before. This app uses everyday shoppers to be influential toward a specific product in the most authentic way possible.

It uses its users to review products they have used, generating organic traffic toward your brand.

Members have no signup fee, but they have to fill in a survey that maps out their preferences. Using these preferences, the app then connects shoppers with their favorite brands, and the brands can find exactly what they are looking for.


  1. No signup fee

  2. Authentic reviews and traffic

  3. Brands can find the most ideal audience


  1. have to be precise in what you want

  2. Not collaborating with a single influencer but with another brand (the Influenster company)

Download now and enjoy the best of Influenster.

Tribe Influencer

Tribe Influencer is also a strong contender in the marketing space. It connects brands to powerful influencers who make authentic content based on products they already know about and have used before.

The tribe has cultivated a pool of micro-influencers with a particular interest within that niche. It allows new collaboration to be easy and successful as it has streamlined the process of searching for the right person.

Brands can post their campaigns requirements, and influencers apply by creating video. The one that pleases the brand most is compensated through the platform.


  1. Requirements can be communicated easily

  2. An updated pool of individuals that create content for a living

  3. A demo version can be requested


  1. Unlike the other apps, it proves to be more expensive as influencer’s campaigns are being purchased.

A version of Tribe can be downloaded from here!

Final thoughts

As can be seen, there are a variety of different apps that can be used for collaborations between brands and influencers. However, it is critical to note that the most successful collaborations happen when both parties have a mutual understanding and are aligned with the specified goals and KPIs.

It is essential to be clear about the goals you want to achieve through these collaborations and find the right app that suits your needs. All the apps mentioned above have unique features and benefits, so it is vital to do some research before deciding which one to use.


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