• Sources Used: Internal Supply and Direct Inventory
  • MMP: Spinx Ad Network Account in AppsFlyer
  • Markets: Canada
  • Case study period: April 2023


Betway Sports app is a prominent online sports betting platform in Canada, renowned for its comprehensive and user-friendly betting experience. Launched by Betway Group, a global online gambling company established in 2006, the app quickly gained traction in the Canadian market due to its extensive range of sports and betting options.

Betway Sports offers a diverse array of sports, including hockey, soccer, basketball, and baseball, appealing to the varied interests of Canadian bettors. The app is designed with a focus on seamless navigation and accessibility, providing live betting, in-play options, and competitive odds.

Betway Sports app’s reputation for reliability and security is bolstered by its licenses from reputable regulatory bodies such as the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. I

In Canada, the app adheres to local gambling regulations, ensuring a safe and fair betting environment. Furthermore, Betway’s commitment to responsible gambling is evident through its various tools and resources aimed at promoting healthy betting habits.

Goal/Objective: Increasing the number of new active depositing customers in Canada while ensuring that they are also placing bets

Betway Sports onboarded our UA team by granting us Appsflyer permission under our ad network SpinX, which has taken all necessary steps and approvals from Appsflyer to utilize cross-platform acquisition sources.

Focused on attracting new active depositing customers in Canada, Betway’s sports app goals are to increase the number of new active depositing customers while ensuring that they are also placing bets. The objective was to attract new users by offering a diverse range of betting options, a seamless user experience, and personalized recommendations. Our company’s mission was to help Betway achieve significant volumes of user acquisition and bets alongside user engagement in the Canadian market.

Thus, we suggested bidding on every new (unique) active depositing customer we brought from Canada alongside every unique bet placed. At the same time, the user acquisition and bets were acquired for them at no cost.

Challenge: Targeting cities is the diverse and fragmented nature of the market

Canada’s multicultural population and varying provincial regulations on sports betting create complexities in crafting a unified marketing strategy. Tailoring promotions to resonate with different cultural groups while ensuring compliance with regional gambling laws requires significant customization and local market understanding.

Additionally, fierce competition from both established local operators and international brands further intensifies the challenge of distinguishing the Betway Sports app and capturing the attention and loyalty of new users in urban centers across Canada.


Spinx Agency devised a data-driven approach to boost new active depositing customers for the Betway Sports app in Canada. Leveraging our performance-focused expertise, we harnessed a rich inventory of our own and operated apps. We also established direct partnerships with leading app developers specializing in the sports and entertainment verticals in Canada, all managed through our DSP. Our bidding infrastructure is seamlessly integrated with over 1,000 app developers and 20 SSPs, ensuring a vast network for user acquisition.

Continuous optimization across our media partners proved instrumental in enhancing the company’s scalability and operational efficiency. We deployed our global ad fraud detection and prevention solution to mitigate budget wastage on ad fraud and non-converting installs. Furthermore, our proprietary Fraud Prevention Rules were instrumental in safeguarding Betway’s advertising investments, ensuring that each acquisition campaign yielded quality deposits and a substantial return on investment.


  • 161 New Accounts
  • 93 New Active Depositing Customers
  • 83 CPA Qualified
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