Performance-based app marketing made easy.

Drive user engagement for your application effortlessly, rapidly, and at no cost to you. 10x ROI in one week, guaranteed.


Ready to acquire users that engage? At SpinX, every dollar you spend yields 10x profit.

Allocating time, money and effort to find the right channels for engaged app users with high ROAS across multiple markets, is a real challenge. At SpinX, we make it rewarding.  

We create hyper-targeted ad campaigns for you, under a fully-managed account.
You pay only results and performance. Choose your in-app events, give them a bid, and let SpinX drive them.
We launch your campaigns on our segmentated user-base, with dynamic bidding, to maximize ROI and achieve the desired, performance-oriented results.
pay for the resuls you crave to see.

Our algorithm is bidding efficiently across multiple sources and user segments.

At SpinX, every single dollar you spend is an investment. We give you:

  • Access to a varied userbase
  • Insights on your user preferences and trends
  • Detailed reporting
  • Performance-oriented, automated optimization
  •  In-app engagement and performance oriented results

The features.

Sophisticated targeting that yields results.

We pre-allocate resources and budget to categorize and create hyper-targeted user segments for your app vertical. 

Reengagement app campaigns.

Convert leads into fans through our performance retargeting ad campaigns. Choose a customized bid for the targeted event and witness the results coming in no time. 

Effortless integration with all major MMPS.

Working closely with Appsflyer, Adjust, Branch, and other leading MMPs, we track your results real-time and leverage that information for insights and advanced reporting for your next goals. 

Automated optimization towards set KPIs and goals.

Choose any KPI or vital goal for your app and our algorithm will perform data-focused, automated optimization. We drive actions in less than 24 hours. 

Dynamic bidding for user engagement.

Choose multiple bids based on the user-actions of your choice. No more dollars spent on pointless clicks and installs with no in-app engagament. 

Fully-managed campaigns, real-time performance results.

A dedicated team will manage your app campaigns and focus on driving the results you seek in no-time.  You won’t spend if you don’t earn. Our profits are 100% dependent on your results. 

Why to choose Spinx as your media partner?

For every 5-figure affiliate profit we make, we give you back 5%. We are the only performance marketing platform rewarding the app brands that trust us.