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  • Sources Used: Internal Supply and Direct Inventory
  • MMP: Spinx Agency Account in Appsflyer
  • Markets: Saudi Arabia
  • Case study period: December 2023


Shahid is a popular streaming app in the Middle East, offering diverse digital content, including movies, TV shows, and exclusive original programming. Developed to cater to the entertainment preferences of the Arab-speaking audience, Shahid provides a user-friendly interface with personalized recommendations based on viewing history.

The app offers both free and premium subscription options, with the latter unlocking additional content and features. Upon login, users can navigate a vast content library categorized by genres, languages, and release dates.

Goal/Objective: Increasing the number of new paid subscribers in Saudi Arabia while re-engaging the existing ones

Shahid onboarded our UA team by giving us Appsflyer permission under our agency. Focused on attracting new subscribers for the streaming service, the goal was to attract new subscribers and re-engage existing ones by offering a diverse range of exclusive and culturally relevant content and a seamless user experience, and personalized recommendations. Our agency’s mission was to help Shahif establish significant volumes of user acquisition and retargeting installs alongside user engagement in Saudi Arabia.

Thus, we suggested bidding on every new (unique) subscriber we drove from Saudi Arabia alongside every unique re-subscription. At the same time, the user acquisition and retargeting installs were acquired for them at no cost.

Challenge: Navigating the diversity and cultural landscape when promoting the app in Middle East

When acquiring users throughout the Middle East, the Shahid team should navigate the region’s diverse linguistic and cultural landscape. The Middle East comprises various countries with distinct languages, dialects, and cultural preferences. Shahid must curate content that resonates with this diversity, ensuring a broad appeal and relevance across different audiences.

Additionally, addressing regional licensing restrictions, adapting to varying internet connectivity levels, and tailoring marketing strategies to suit each country’s unique social and media landscape could pose challenges in acquiring a widespread and engaged user base. Overcoming these hurdles would require a thoughtful localization strategy, effective partnerships with regional content creators, and a keen understanding of the nuanced preferences of the Middle Eastern audience.

Therefore, they wanted to ensure that our team would take care of the proper targeting and the relevant restrictions to acquire and reengage users.


Spinx Agency devised a data-driven approach to boost new subscriptions for the Shahid app. Leveraging our performance-focused expertise, we harnessed a rich inventory of our own and operated apps. We also established direct partnerships with leading app developers specializing in the entertainment and food vertical in Saudi Arabia, all managed through our DSP. Our bidding infrastructure is seamlessly integrated with over 1,000 app developers and 20 SSPs, ensuring a vast network for user acquisition.

Continuous optimization across our media partners proved instrumental in elevating the company’s scalability and operational efficiency. We deployed our global ad fraud detection and prevention solution to mitigate budget wastage on ad fraud and non-converting installs. Furthermore, our proprietary Fraud Prevention Rules were instrumental in safeguarding Shahid’s advertising investments, ensuring that each acquisition campaign yielded quality subscriptions and a substantial return on investment.

Last, we retargeted users who had installed and proceeded to view content but hadn’t completed a paid subscription after a free trial or those who have completed a free trial and then uninstalled the app in the past.


  • 21K Free User Acquisition Installs
  • 56k Free Retargeting Installs
  • $142k Gross Revenue for Shahid in the Middle East (95% Saudi Arabia)

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