“What sets Spinx apart is their unwavering commitment to results and genuine dedication to our success. From the beginning, I was impressed by the transparent communication and support provided by the team. They go above and beyond to ensure quality and a collaborative atmosphere, making me feel genuinely valued as a partner.
One of the critical factors that make working with Spinx so enjoyable is their innovative approach to app marketing. They stay ahead of industry trends, providing us with cutting-edge tools and strategies that empower us to maximize our earning potential. I wholeheartedly recommend Spinx as an app partner because they deliver results like no other agency in the market. When Spinx started promoting our app, we achieved high conversion rates in a matter of weeks.”

Rintu Paul, Senior Affiliate Manager at Wego.com


  • Sources Used: Internal Supply and Direct Inventory
  • MMP: Spinx Agency Account in Appsflyer
  • Markets: AE, SA, IN, PH, TH
  • Case study period: August 2023


Wego is a travel aggregator used by millions of people every month to book flights, getaways, hotels and other travel deals. It is designed to simplify the user’s journey from planning to execution.

With Wego, users can effortlessly search, compare, and book flights, hotels, and activities, all in one place. The app provides a seamless travel experience, offering a vast selection of travel options and competitive pricing to suit any budget.

Its intuitive interface allows users to filter results based on their preferences, ensuring a tailored travel itinerary. Wego also keeps users informed with real-time updates on flight statuses and offers exclusive deals and discounts.

Goal/Objective: Increasing the percentage from user acquisition and retargeting installs to booking

Before onboarding our UA team, Wego had been running acquisition campaigns both in-house and with other ad networks. The primary goal was to optimize these efforts further, maximizing efficiency, retargeting existing users, and increasing the conversion rate from app installation to booking. Our agency’s mission was to help Wego surpass its existing cooperation with other channels, ultimately delivering a higher return on investment and elevating its user acquisition and retention strategies to new levels of success.

Challenge: A high number of app installs that do not translate into actual bookings

One of the significant challenges Wego faces in their app user acquisition and retargeting goals is a high number of app installs that do not translate into actual bookings. Despite successfully driving a substantial user base to install the app, many users fail to take the desired action of booking flights, hotels, or activities. This discrepancy indicates a drop-off in the conversion funnel, leading to a suboptimal return on ad spend. Wego needs to address this issue by improving the user experience, personalizing recommendations, and implementing effective retargeting strategies to nurture app users and guide them toward completing bookings, ultimately enhancing their revenue and engagement metrics.


Spinx Agency devised a data-driven approach to boost bookings for the Wego app. Leveraging our performance-focused expertise, we harnessed a rich inventory of our own and operated apps, in addition to establishing direct partnerships with leading app developers specializing in the travel vertical, all managed through our DSP. Our bidding infrastructure is seamlessly integrated with over 1,000 app developers and 20 SSPs, ensuring a vast network for user acquisition.

Continuous optimization across our media partners proved instrumental in elevating the company’s scalability and operational efficiency. To mitigate budget wastage on ad fraud and non-converting installs, we deployed our global ad fraud detection and prevention solution. Furthermore, our proprietary Fraud Prevention Rules were instrumental in safeguarding Wego’s advertising investments, ensuring that each acquisition campaign yielded quality bookings and a substantial return on investment.


  • 35k Free User Acquisition Installs
  • 164k Free Retargeting Installs
  • $85k Gross Monthly Revenue for Wego (Counted in First Booking)

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