• Sources Used: Internal Supply and Direct Inventory
  • MMP: Spinx Agency Account in Appsflyer
  • Markets: US
  • Case study period: October 2023


The DHgate app is a prominent player in e-commerce, originating from China. Launched in 2004, DHgate is an online marketplace connecting global buyers with Chinese suppliers. Functioning as a comprehensive platform, the app facilitates the trade of an extensive array of products, from consumer electronics and apparel to home goods and accessories. It enables users to engage in business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions, fostering international trade relations.

DHgate’s success lies in its ability to streamline cross-border commerce, offering a diverse range of products at competitive prices. The app incorporates secure payment mechanisms and buyer protection policies, enhancing user confidence. With millions of users worldwide, DHgate has become a significant force in the global e-commerce landscape, exemplifying the fusion of technology and trade internationally.

Goal/Objective: Increasing the number of app users in the US and maintaining a high amount of quality new buyers

Dhgate onboarded our UA team initially as an app affiliate before enabling us Appsflyer permission under our agency. Focused on attracting new users, the goal is to augment both buyer engagement and order volume, solidifying DHgate’s position and fostering growth in the competitive US e-commerce landscape. Our agency’s mission was to help Dhgate establish significant volumes of installs and user engagement in the US market.

Thus, we suggested bidding on every new order (from a unique buyer) we drove from the US, while the installs, registrations, retargeting installs, and re-purchases were acquired for them at no cost.

Challenge: Highlighting DHgate’s commitment to quality control and buyer protection

Some consumers in the US may associate Chinese marketplaces with counterfeit goods or lower quality products, resulting in a low conversion rate of installs to new orders and a high amount of respective canceled orders.

Therefore, addressing and dispelling these perceptions and showcasing strategies to build trust and credibility among US consumers was our primary goal.


Spinx Agency devised a data-driven approach to increase app installs of the DHgate app in the US. Leveraging our performance-focused expertise, we harnessed a rich inventory of our own and operated apps. We also established direct partnerships with leading app developers specializing in the e-commerce vertical, all managed through our DSP. Our bidding infrastructure is seamlessly integrated with over 15 e-commerce app developers and five key SSPs, ensuring a vast US user acquisition network.

Continuous optimization across our media partners proved instrumental in elevating the app’s scalability and operational efficiency. We deployed our global ad fraud detection and prevention solution to mitigate budget wastage on ad fraud and non-converting installs (“empty installs,” as we call those who do not lead in any further in-app action). Furthermore, our proprietary Fraud Prevention Rules were instrumental in safeguarding Dhgate’s advertising investments, ensuring that each acquisition campaign yielded quality orders and a substantial return on investment.

Last but not least, we retargeted users who have installed, proceed to registration, or another app action like “listing” an item but haven’t ordered, and those who have abandoned their cards or even canceled their orders.


  • 46k Free User Acquisition Installs in the US
  • 52 Free Retargeting Installs
  • $370k Gross Monthly Revenue for Dhgate in the US (Counted in First Buyer)

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